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Vans have been the preferred family mode of transportation for many years, and the trend does not show any signs of slowing down. One just has to look

at the inside of a van to know it is made with comfort and security in mind. No other vehicle is more comfortable and family friendly, especially for long

trips than vans. These marvelous pieces of engineering come with TVs installed for family entertainment and are very sturdy.


As with any pre-owned vehicle, it is essential to research the best options before one commits to the purchase, This is especially true with vans because

mostly families have used them and families have kids, who are notorious for making messes and spills. Vans are known for being used like workhorses

because a family has to move around a lot M from school to work, to the doctor, to the park, and back home. As you can see, a van is continuously in use

so there a few things you might want to pay attention to:

"Condition of a van • If the van looks like it has been around the block one too many times, then it might be a good idea to move on to the next one.

* Maintenance - Ask the previous owner or the dealer if they can provide you with the maintenance history report of the van. If not, then at least ask a few

probing questions such as when was the last oil change.

"Mileage - As stated above, vans are the family's workhorse, which means they can have a lot of miles on them. It is critical that you pay attention to this

because if a van has high mileage, then it might start giving you issues.

New or Used?

Well, when it comes to deciding if it is better to purchase a used or new van then we need to think about three key factors:

" Depreciation • When new vehicles leave the dealership after being purchased, they depreciate about 19% of their total value. Therefore, you should

consider that buying new is not always the correct financial decision. When you think about how much value is instantly lost, you might begin to think

about buying a used car that is not too old.

* Condition of a vehicle MPre-owned cars must be thoroughly checked and verified for damages. However, vans have to be triple checked as they are used

a lot by all members of the family. Please look carefully for any stains or signs of dirt inside of the van.

"Resale value of the vehicle - Vans are accessible to find and easy to sell, but the trick is to know when and how. It is highly recommended to buy a brand

that is sought after and maintains high resale value. For example, any Toyota or Honda van will be excellent candidates. Remember, when you buy at

tf1e right time you are guaranteeing that you are gaining most of the benefit from the buy, and that already puts you ahead when it comes to reselling the

vehicle because you did not lose a lot of money from depreciation.

This is how you should go about purchasing a used van:

1. Check your credit score and make sure you qualify for an affordable interest rate. Even people with credit scores that are in the process of improving,

still have options such as in-house financing or subprime loans.

2. Review your monthly budget. Write it all down. Determine what you can afford every month.

3. With your credit score and budget in hand, start looking at what vans are in your range. This step sounds simple, but it is one of the most important

because if you rush into a decision, then it can hurt you in the future. During this phase of the research, it is essential to ask yourself what is the reason for

buying a van. There are various types of vans, some are more luxurious than others, and some are more technology oriented.

Best Used Vans

Vans come in different sizes and comfort levels, but here is a list that can give you an idea of the best van s:

1. Honda Odyssey

2. Toyota Sienna

3. Dodge Grand Caravan

4. Kia Sedona

5. Nissan Quest

6. Chrysler Town and Country

7. VW Routan

8. Mazda Mazda5

Also, remember always to aim to purchase a van that has been certified or is still under warranty. As always, it is important to look around until you find the

right offer for the right price and when you do make sure you follow the steps above. Now go and get yourself a spacious and comfortable van!

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